Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Monday 9 am . I got a call from Jim.
- "Boka, wake up,let's go drain a pool !"
Nursing a bad hangover ,i stumbled out off the door carrying my skateboard and a bucket.

Do you smell that ? Smells like - victory !!!
After 45 minutes , the pool was empty and we were thirsty. we took a couple runs and left to the liquor store for a twelver.

Jim Callans

We came back and the pool was almost dry so we started to skate.
We had that 15 minutes rule in mind, but when you are drinking beer and skating a good backyard pool its easy to get carried away.
45 minutes into the session and Santa Monica's finest showed up.
Boka backside carving grind

Luckily ,i had my camera in hand and pretended to be a photographer for some skateboarding magazine and shit.He Didn't buy it. he told us to come outside , he turned around and walked away to his car in front of the house.
We collected all our shit and left through the alley running like hell.

Jim goes over the light with style

We let the pool sit there for a month or 2.
The next sessions were always short,10 to 15 minutes and we were out of there. After a while the neighbours didn't care anymore.

Boka , frontside grind.

backside grind