Friday, July 1, 2011

This is not a vacation : Northwest 2011 Trip

The Crew - 2011 by F. NOGUEIRA (Boka)
The Crew - 2011, a photo by F. NOGUEIRA (Boka) on Flickr.

Everybody knows that I'm a scumbag
They won't come and see me in this dive
Everyone's afraid of what might happen to them
Or if they'll even get out of there alive

Some fuckhead in the corner is getting to me
Talkin' about the way I look and smell
Well I guess he don't know that I'm the Outlaw Scumfuc
Someone aughta' warn him before I knock him straight to Hell

Because everybody knows that I'm a scumbag
I like sluts and whores and I don't care
You can say just what you want to say about me
But if I hear you I might just go knock you off your chair

'Cause I like to drink whiskey by the gallon
I live on peanut butter sandwiches, I don't care
I spent some nights in jail in this old country
Everybody hates me and I just don't fucking care

'Cause I can sing all those songs about bitches
And I still fuck all the prostitutes that I know
They tell me I smell like raw sewage
But I'm the man that you'll never know